Erection Drawings

• Hold Down Bolt Lay-outs
• Masonry Anchor Lay-outs
• Marking Plans
• Site Weld Details
• Handrail Layouts
• Grating Lay-outs
• Field Bolt Lists

Hold down bolt details and lay-outs can be provided by SteelCad early in the program to allow civil and concrete works to proceed unhindered.

The primary function of our marking plans is of course to facilitate the erection of the job.
Plans, elevations, sections and details are provided on these drawings to give the riggers every assistance in the erection of the steelwork.

Our steelwork marking plans are provided with approval drawings so consultants can identify and locate all the members issued.

3D Isometrics and enlarged details are included with the erection drawings to give a visual overview to the structure.

Site weld details, chemset locations, handrail layouts, grating layouts and field bolt lists are all part of our erection drawing process.

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