Roof Sheet Developments

Roof Sheet Developments

We were contacted by the roofer direct on the project for assistance in developing the 'hand made' standing seam aluminium roof sheets.

The geometric setout of this roof is an oblique cone and as we were building the Shop drawing model to as built accuracy it made sense for ZC Technical to ask us if we were able to help.

Steelcad drafting have had decades of experience in Shop Detailing platework, so the development of these unique shapes was achievable.

ZC explained where they planned on starting and stopping the roof pans, the width range of the pans and the material thicknesses under the roof sheeting. With this the geometry could be calculated and rolling radii determined at each pan edge.

We were able to detail flattened developments of each sheet and provide DXF files for processing of the plate.

The results speaks for it's self.

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