Modular Assembly Robina

Modular Assembly Robina

Our client asked us to deliver a solution to erect the roof steel between the roof modules in 'one' lift and not as stick built as designed.
The modules were every second bay and stick infill between.
We developed a Jig or Cradle concept, which sat under the stick steel framing and enabled the sticks to be bolted down to the jig for erection.
We also consulted with the rigger for their advice on how they would lift such a device and from this, an erection method statement was developed, along with drawings of the concept for the Engineer to review and approve.
The Engineer took responsibility for the design and added it to their scope of work and provided a form 15 for design certification.
We modelled and detailed the three different jigs required for the building and they were fabricated and sent to site for use.
The builder not only lifted the steelwork up as one module, they also fixed the ply skin over purlin and the glazing - this was all lifted up as one assembly.
The main objectives for this was to reduce at height working risk and to reduce construction time - The client achieved both objectives .

Some images of the site lay down, model screen shots and design concept drawings:


In order to explain the erection methodology a document was prepared for the client and Engineer explaining the process and steps.

Extracts from that document are below:




If you after seeking more information on how we achieved this and how you may wish to incorporate something similar on your project, feel free to give us a call to discuss.