Feature Work Projects

Tobruk Memorial Pool


In 2015 Steelcad delivered this project for Adco constructions. The heritage entry brick façade was to remain, with a modern wavy roof and soffit made from timber trusses to be built around the façade.

The 50m pool roof is made from Tri chordal trusses which connect at the ends to cast concrete abutments. These abutments are triangular in shape – the formwork and REO cages were set out and detailed by Steelcad to ensure a neat finish to the concrete and a clash free result for the steelwork and HD bolts.

The roofs of the plantroom and the main building are built from timber trusses. The main building’s roof is a wavy effect, making all of the trusses different. Not only does the roof change constant geometry, so does the soffit. Steelcad setout and detailed the timber truss forms so that they could be manufactured.


Client – Adco Constructions

Location – Cairns (North QLD)

Scope – 50m Pool, Program Pool, complex entry, plantroom, Shade sail fixing interface, REO cages for complex shapes, Timber truss setouts for complex roof shape

Steel Tonnage – 125 tonne

Material – Rolled UBs with steel plated sides, Rolled CHS Tri Chord trusses, Timber trusses



Timber Trusses: