Government & Public Infrastructure Projects

City Cat Terminals

In 2014 Steelcad delivered this project for .

Client –

Location – Brisbane QLD

Scope – Upgraded Terminals for the city cat.

Steel Tonnage – XXX tonne

Material –


Sydney Yard Access Bridge

In 2017 Steelcad delivered this project for .

Client – 

Location – Sydney NSW

Scope – Span 1 – 82.7t
              Span 2 – 126.8t
             – Span 3 – 58t
             – Cladding Panels – 40.6t

Steel Tonnage – 308.1 tonne

Material –

A complex road access bridge in the heart of Sydney CBD, to access the rail yard. The bridge is curved in plan as well as elevation and to top it off the bridge girders are also cambered.
The girder spans 1 and 2 (the box girders) are 1000 wide and 2200 deep, they were fabricated in sub assembly sections and welded together to form the super assembly. Numerous check dimensions were provided to help the fabricator keep the bridge geometry true and correct.

Many challenges were overcome by working closely with the Engineer, builder and fabricator.